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When New Jersey residents are in relationships in which they fear for their safety — and the safety of their children — they may find comfort in knowing that there is protection available. In some cases, non-physical domestic violence continues for years, becoming violent only when the abused spouse informs the abuser of his or her intention to leave the relationship or file for a divorce. For protection against such action, the victim may apply for a restraining order.

A restraining order is a civil protection order that the court issues to keep an abuser away from a victim of domestic violence — this may include the home, workplace and more. The abuse may include verbal, physical and mental or psychological abuse. Victims may be unsure about who may apply for such protection. Abused spouses, current or former members of the household where abuse occurs and current or former romantic partners may seek such orders.

Depending on what the judge specifies on a restraining order, a domestic violence victim can obtain several levels of protection. Contact in any manner — by phone, in person, at work, home or anywhere else — may be forbidden. The court can require the abuser to vacate the residence, even if it is in his or her name. Furthermore, the abuser may be ordered to pay expenses related to domestic violence such as medical costs, lost income and more. The judge may also remove the children from the presence of such a person.

These are but some of the restrictions that a restraining order may include. Victims of domestic violence in New Jersey may consult with an experienced family law attorney to get more answers. A lawyer can also explain the terms of such an order and how long it lasts. No person should endure the physical and mental strain of living in a home in which abuse is prevalent.