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Seeking Help When Domestic Violence Threatens One’s Safety

Being the victim of abuse is something that no individual should ever have to endure. Domestic violence remains a major concern in New Jersey and across the nation, and the victims of such acts can suffer in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, even when an individual becomes aware of the tendencies of an abusive party, he or she may feel trapped in the relationship and uncertain how to seek help.

Spotting the signs of an abusive individual may prove challenging, as the level of danger may start out relatively low. At first, a person may slowly try to alienate the other party from his or her friends and family, which could be a sign of an attempt to gain control. However, while this can be harmful enough on its own, the intentions of the abusive party may worsen with time, potentially leading to threats of violence, and in some cases, to acts of physical abuse.

By the time a person becomes aware of these abusive tendencies, he or she may feel stuck in the relationship, or even fear that leaving will bring about disastrous consequences. The abusive party may also seek to draw them back in by offering apologies and gifts, but these offerings don’t necessarily come with a guarantee the behavior will cease. While studies suggest that the period shortly after leaving an abusive partner can be dangerous, staying with someone out of fear of the consequences could be much more harmful in the long run.

There is a multitude of outlets available to assist those who are subjected to harm through domestic violence. Victims of such acts can speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in seeking protection through restraining and cease contact orders. An attorney in New Jersey can provide a client with advice on the options available, as well as guidance on how to safeguard against acts of abuse in the future.

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