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Topics that may be unique to a gray divorce

Going through the end of a relationship can be challenging at any stage of life. However, individuals in New Jersey who make the decision to divorce late in life may face certain challenges that are unique to their circumstances. With marriages that lasted an extended period, the process could also be somewhat more complex and knowing the issues to address could prove helpful to preparing for the future.

One topic that those who are going through a gray divorce might need to address pertains to pension plans. A pension could play a vital role in property division negotiations, and should the plan need to be divided, one might need to obtain a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to avoid devastating penalties. Health insurance plans are another area of concern, and those who are facing divorce could benefit from seeking advice on the available options regarding an insurance plan prior to entering negotiations.

In marriages that last a minimum of 10 years, a person may also be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on the former spouse's work history. For those who would otherwise receive a lesser amount in benefits, knowledge of this option could prove vital. Those who end a marriage late in life may also find it advisable revisit any possible health care directives and make adjustments that align with current preferences.

Going through a divorce late in life can be a scary experience, but it doesn't necessarily have to disrupt one's plans for the future. A person who is facing a similar life event could benefit from speaking with a family law attorney early on for guidance on addressing every necessary topic of a gray divorce. An attorney can help a client in New Jersey better prepare to pursue the most favorable outcome possible during legal proceedings and assist him or her in navigating the process.

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