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Divorce: Staying together for the wrong reasons could be harmful

For some couples in New Jersey, making the decision to end a marriage may be stressful, but it might also be the best option for everyone. Others may have reservations about the process, and the fear of what they will lose during a divorce could leave them considering other alternatives. Unfortunately, this could leave many couples living in an unhappy marriage for extended periods, and in some cases, they may feel they have no other option.

Recent studies indicate that the divorce rate is on the decline, especially when millennials are involved. While the average rate of divorce sits at around 40 percent, studies indicate that younger individuals are nearly 20 percent less likely to consider dissolving their marriages. While a drop in the rate of divorce may appear a positive change on the surface, the underlying factors that lead many couples to stay together might not revolve around happiness.

Even if there are issues within the relationship, studies suggest that many couples may choose to remain together out of fear of losing access to Social Security survivor benefits. Some could also have concerns about the impact a divorce might have on their physical and mental health. When kids are involved, parents may also feel it best to remain together for their sake, but such a decision might not always be in the best interests of everyone.

Those who have concerns about how a divorce might affect their lives could benefit from seeking guidance from someone with experience in the area. A family law attorney can address all of a person's concerns and provide guidance on what to expect from the process. This type of advice could help prepare a person in New Jersey to make informed decisions concerning his or her future during subsequent legal proceedings.

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