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August 2018 Archives

Discussing college tuition during divorce proceedings

Many parents in New Jersey may wish to take steps to help their children pursue a higher education. With the ever-increasing nature of college-related expenses, some parents may begin planning and saving for the future while the kids are still young. However, certain life events could disrupt a couple's ability to save, and for parents that are going through a divorce, discussing how to manage the costs of a college education during negotiations could be crucial.

Common concerns within a marriage that could lead to divorce

It might not be all that uncommon for married couples in New Jersey and across the nation to experience troubles within a relationship from time to time. In some cases, marital troubles might only lead to heated arguments that could put a temporary strain on the relationship. However, studies suggest that certain issues could lead to more than a minor disagreement, and may instead increase the likelihood that a couple will divorce.

Financial surprises may only add to the stress of divorce

The end of a marriage can be a stressful life event and knowing what to expect from the subsequent process can be a challenging task. Since a divorce could have a significant impact on a person's life, many individuals in New Jersey may benefit from seeking advice on how to prepare for what comes next. Seeking guidance in forming a strategy for negotiations can be essential and may even help a person avoid potentially devastating surprises during divorce proceedings that could prove harmful to his or her future.

Knowing one's options concerning an inherited IRA in divorce

For many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere, maintaining a healthy financial future is an essential part of life. When facing a divorce, a person may wish to gain a better understanding of the steps to take to protect this area of life during legal proceedings. Those who are seeking a favorable outcome concerning the division of property might choose to pursue guidance on how an inherited IRA could play a role in negotiations.

Child custody: Addressing the best interests of a child

For married couples in New Jersey who have children together, making the decision to part ways can be a difficult task. Parents may wish to protect their kids throughout divorce, but child custody can be a challenging topic. However, by seeking guidance on aspects to address concerning the best interests of the kids, parents could become better prepared to pursue an acceptable parenting plan during divorce proceedings.