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July 2018 Archives

Stalking common after separating due to domestic violence

For some people with broken hearts, it is difficult to let go. Following a divorce or separation, one partner may want to find ways to see or be close to the other, perhaps just for confirmation that the other partner has moved on. This may mean occasionally driving past the former partner's work or New Jersey home. However, there are times when a jilted lover or divorced spouse will take things too far, especially if the past relationship involved domestic violence.

Pursuing advice on co-parenting methods following a divorce

At the end of a marriage, some couples in New Jersey and elsewhere might be eager to part ways and open a new chapter in their lives. However, those who have children together may have other priorities, one of which centers around protecting the well-being of their kids. While a former couple might be at odds on certain topics, they may still wish to know how to safeguard their children following a divorce by seeking guidance on effective co-parenting methods.

Some reasons for seeking child support modification in New Jersey

Life changes. Children get older and divorced New Jersey parents who make child support payments may find that changes in their children's circumstances or their own circumstances, may call for child support modification. A change in child support can either be short or long term. But the one thing the court will ask to see is proof that there needs to be some adjustment made.

Divorce: Taking the coming tax changes into consideration

For many individuals in New Jersey and across the nation, maintaining financial stability is an essential part of life. Those who make the decision to divorce may have concerns about how a similar life event might disrupt their finances, and they may wish to take steps to safeguard their futures in the process. Although a similar decision generally requires deliberation, a person may find it advisable to gain an understanding of the coming tax changes and how they might influence the process before deciding on a path.