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Misleading information could add unnecessary stress to divorce

There may be numerous crucial factors to consider when ending a marriage, each of which could have a substantial impact on the lives of those involved. Those facing divorce in New Jersey may have concerns about how the process will affect their future, potentially prompting many to seek guidance from a variety of sources. However, there may be some prevalent misconceptions regarding the process, and taking care to avoid being misled could help a person avoid a potentially devastating outcome.

One area of divorce that is subject to misleading information pertains to the process of property division. In some cases, one party may move out of the family home prior to the divorce. However, he or she doesn't necessarily relinquish rights to the home, or obligation to a mortgage, simply by moving out. The same may be true in cases where only one spouse is listed on the mortgage, perhaps especially if the home was purchased during marriage, as it may still be considered marital property.

Another common misconception in divorce is that one party will automatically receive primary custody of the kids. Even if a child custody agreement is determined by the court, joint custody may still be the most viable option, especially if it is in the best interests of the kids. In addition, not every issue in divorce requires time in court, and if a couple is able to reach an acceptable agreement on the various aspects through mediation, they may be able to avoid this aspect entirely.

Misleading information may only add unnecessary stress to an already emotional process. When facing divorce, an individual may find it beneficial to seek guidance from a family law attorney before putting stock into common misconceptions. An attorney can advise a client in New Jersey on every aspect of the process, and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible through whatever means necessary.

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