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New Jersey child custody: Putting kids' needs first

There are many factors that can make life difficult when facing divorce. Division of property and assets can be challenging. When children are involved, the proceedings can become significantly more complicated. Many parents facing these issues in New Jersey strive to put the needs of their children first and seek to avoid a child custody battle when possible.

Assets and property may be important issues for divorce, but most financial losses may be regained with time. As for children, failing to focus on their needs during this period could potentially cause irreparable harm. Choosing to fight over certain issues can create a hostile environment, and this can have a negative long-term effect on a child. Attempting to peacefully negotiate terms during divorce may help a parent retain a working relationship with his or her former spouse, which many consider to be beneficial to a child's well-being.

The end of a marriage is typically emotional, and the relationship between the couple is often strained. Even if it is difficult to maintain a relationship with each other, involving children in the matter may be inadvisable. Many people consider it better for the kids if the parents focus on reaching an agreement regarding a parenting plan. Children may not understand why a divorce is happening, and being able to spend time with each parent could help ease any pain they may be enduring.

Divorce is usually a difficult process for children. Many people in New Jersey find it beneficial to directly negotiate issues regarding child custody. Putting a child's needs first can make it easier for all those involved to adapt to a new situation. Since this can be challenging during an emotional time, a parent who is facing divorce may benefit by speaking with a family law attorney for advice about how to pursue the best overall outcome for his or her children.

Source:, "How To Be A Hero To Your Children - When Divorce Is Your Enemy", Jason Levoy, Feb. 1, 2017

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