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Even uncontested divorce can be complicated

Once a New Jersey couple has decided to end their marriage, it is normal for both spouses to want the process over as soon as possible. Some are so desperate to end the marriage that they are quite prepared to let the other spouse take all -- especially if there are no children. However, such impulsive decisions can bring regret later. An uncontested divorce filing is the quickest way to get a divorce and still get a fair share of the property.

Before filing for an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree on property division of marital assets and the division of joint debts. If there are children, parents must reach agreements on relevant matters such as child custody, parenting plans and visitation schedules. Even if neither spouse intends to contest the divorce, negotiations can become contentious. For this reason, it may be wise not to go through this complicated process without the support and advice of an experienced divorce attorney.

When it comes to the division of pensions and retirement accounts, professional advice may be helpful, as in cases in which high-value assets are in play. Sometimes, one spouse may suspect the other of hiding assets, and a skilled attorney will know how to deal with such situations. The parties can draft and sign a final settlement agreement for presentation to the court as soon as they agree on all material issues.

The process of an uncontested divorce in New Jersey involves one spouse filing a Summons requesting the court to dissolve the marriage. The other spouse will receive the same Summons. That party will acknowledge receipt of it and sign an affidavit before the filing of the divorce papers with the family court. Divorce is never easy, and the fact that an experienced divorce attorney can navigate these proceedings can make a complicated process less stressful and easier to manage.

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