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Divorce: Mid-life change of marital status brings many challenges

While most people in New Jersey likely expect their lives to calm down as they reach middle age, life's twists and turns often bring more challenges. The number of couples filing for divorce when they are older has reportedly shown a significant increase. A change in marital status can have an adverse impact on the financial stability of one or both spouses.

The challenges brought about by a divorce later in life include significant economic changes -- especially if the other spouse used to handle the family finances. If a remarriage is planned, a parent who has already had a turn at raising children may have to start all over again with a new family. There may be concerns about one's own children and stepchildren getting along. Such a change will typically require modifications to estate plans, and it may be wise to execute a prenuptial agreement to protect the interests of both parties.

This may all seem overwhelming at an age at which such challenges were not anticipated. With relation to the divorce, the more amicable the process, the less traumatizing it will be. Avoiding litigation can ease the process. When it comes to remarriage, the change of marital status can also be less stressful if both parties can discuss their finances, debts and more in an open and honest manner.

While some in New Jersey may feel it should all be easy because they have been through marriage and divorce before, there is typically much more to consider after accumulating assets for many years. The support and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney through both the divorce and the remarriage process can serve individuals well. Having a skilled legal representative can allow for the smooth change of marital status and peace of mind.

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