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November 2016 Archives

Family law issues involving money can cause disputes

The moment New Jersey residents leave their homes they are subjected to rules and laws -- on the roads, at their offices and more. However, in their homes, most people have loads of rules to keep the kids in line, but very few for the parents. Considering the high number of divorces that follow financial disputes, it may be a good idea to create some grownup rules to address family law in the home.

To merge funds in marriage or not -- how will it affect divorce?

While the decision to get married is sometimes made on a whim, it will set the ball rolling for many other important decisions to follow. A significant number of these will involve money, and because the dynamics of each relationship are unique, there is no set plan for handling finances after getting married. Some in New Jersey may think that joining their lives with others also mean joining finances. However, advisors say it is wise to keep in mind the possibility of a divorce in the future, and under certain circumstances, it may be better to keep finances separate.

How can family law protect cohabitating partners in separation?

More and more couples in New Jersey choose to live together rather than to get married. The dynamics of each couple are unique, and cohabitation may be the best option for them. However, in the event of a breakup, existing family law may not provide the same level of protection for unmarried partners in property division as it does for those who are legally married.

Handling divorce without qualified help can be overwhelming

When a New Jersey couple or one spouse of a couple considers filing for a divorce, emotions and uncertainties can be overwhelming. Some people discuss their concerns with trusted family members or friends. However, the dynamics of every divorce are unique, and the advice of friends may not be appropriate. Regardless of the complexity of the family's affairs, both spouses may benefit from the support and guidance of experienced divorce attorneys.