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Domestic violence: 37 New Jersey deaths reported this year

Many New Jersey spouses and even some children live in fear every day of their lives. These are the victims of domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and according to a report issued by the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence, at least 37 deaths in this state can be linked to domestic violence so far this year.

These statistics are an indication of the gravity of the problem, especially considering the fact that it is believed that many domestic violence cases remain unreported. Many victims are desperate to make their relationships work. It is not uncommon for mistreated spouses to repeatedly forgive abusers who continually promise to change.

The core of domestic violence is coercive control in which the offender's aim is to maintain total control of the other person. This includes that person's behavior, actions, and even thoughts. A sure sign of such control is a partner who is excessively jealous and keeps the other person away from family and friends, checking text messages and managing money. Domestic violence does not always involve physical assaults that can leave visible scars. Emotional abuse can be even more shattering and the scars left can be more severe.

Fortunately, New Jersey residents are protected by laws that prohibit domestic violence, and action can be taken against offenders. The most important step to take may be to consult with an experienced family law attorney who can assess the situation and explain the manners in which protection can be obtained. A lawyer can guide victims of domestic violence through the process of applying for the appropriate protection, such as a restraining order keep the abuser at bay.

Source:, "Domestic violence claims about 40 lives a year in NJ", Dianne Deoliveira, Oct. 13, 2016

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