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Custodial issues related to relocation after divorce

It is not uncommon at all for New Jersey residents to relocate to other states. However, relocation can become a legal challenge if the person wanting to relocate is a divorced parent. Many custodial issues may arise between former spouses when the parent-child relationship of one parent is compromised.

If you want a fresh start after a divorce that may involve remarriage or a new job that requires relocating to another state, various legal factors will need to be addressed. Although it may seem overwhelming, the skills of the attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC, are available to provide the necessary support and guidance. They will endeavor to address all the legal issues while preserving and protecting existing family relationships.

Matters that need attention include first and foremost the child's best interests, and -- depending on the age of the child -- his or her preferences. The family court will also consider whether schools, recreational programs, medical care and other factors at the new location will benefit the child. The amount of contact the child will have with each parent will also play a part in the court's decision.

Before finalizing your plans to relocate from New Jersey, it may be wise to consult with one of our family law attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC, to discuss custodial issues that may arise. With our extensive knowledge of the controlling legislation and our experience in relocation issues after divorce, we can facilitate negotiations among all the parties and legal counsel involved. In cases in which modifications to child custody orders or parenting time agreements are necessary, we can assist in the legalities of such applications to the court.

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