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September 2016 Archives

Domestic violence can cause a host of problems with children

Millions of children and adults nationwide, including in New Jersey, are victims of emotional, psychological and physical abuse in their homes every year. Psychological and sociological research show that domestic violence creates mental, emotional and behavioral problems that are evident in adolescents and young adults -- regardless of whether the child was a victim or a witness. Further studies have also confirmed that the brain development of infants can be adversely affected by domestic violence in the home.

Family law: Opioids put many children in the care of grandparents

When it comes to the safety of children in homes in which substance abuse is a problem, the latest threat in New Jersey and elsewhere is heroin and opioids. However, this is not a new issue, as alcohol is a known epidemic along with meth and crack cocaine that have been around in the past. Reportedly, the number of children being cared for by grandparents or other extended families as opposed to foster families has grown significantly. Unfortunately, family law does not make it easy for grandparents to obtain any legal rights in the care of their grandchildren.

Lisa Marie Presley's child custody battle could get ugly

When reading about the ups and downs in the lives of celebrities, it becomes apparent that they fight the same battles as many ordinary New Jersey residents. Divorce filings follow infidelity, financial arguments and addictions or dependency on alcohol or drugs. Sadly, whenever there are children involved, child custody battles may ensue in which the children are usually the ones suffering the most.

Child support for joint custody is unique to each family

After a divorce, parents will no longer be spouses, but they will always remain parents. Many couples choose to have joint custody after a divorce to ensure both parents maintain a loving relationship with their children. However, the calculation of child support obligations may be complicated. In New Jersey, child support is calculated as shared parenting when the children spend more than 28 percent or 105 nights with one parent.