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Family law: Divorce mediation cost effective and confidential

Many New Jersey couples who are considering divorce may value their privacy along with their time and money. Mediation, an alternative family law dispute resolution, provides a platform from which divorcing spouses can work to resolving issues through communication  -- and compromise when necessary. With the right guidance, a mediated divorce may be finalized in a shorter time and at a lower cost than a litigated divorce. Moreover, the family's affairs will remain private.

An experienced family law mediator noted that mediation is bound to be successful if both parties are committed to resolving the existing differences. Also, couples who want to have a part in making decisions that will be in the best interest of any children they may have may benefit from this type of divorce proceeding. However, it is said that both parties must be properly prepared before entering into mediation.

Both parties should compile a list of unresolved issues and possible resolutions. This may help to take the attention away from the other spouse and focus it on problems and recommendations. Also, this prompts participants to focus on the future rather than the past. The mediator acts as an impartial third party and is not allowed to give any legal advice.

While a mediated divorce can be completed without hiring attorneys, it is preferable for individuals to seek the support and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney. Each party may have his or her legal counsel present during mediation to provide valuable input and ensure that the client is treated fairly. An attorney will also ensure that any final agreement complies with New Jersey family law before presenting it to the court.

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