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July 2016 Archives

Legal counsel can help resolve child support issues

While child custody arrangements can be negotiated by the parents in a divorce, the rulings related to the support that will be necessary for the care of the child have to be made by the family court. The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines typically govern the court in determining the amount to be paid, although there may be some exceptions. Parents are allowed to negotiate child support and present a proposal to the court for its approval; however, the best interests of the child must be the primary concern in any agreements reached.

Can I be held responsible for an ex-spouse's debt after divorce?

When a couple decides to end their marriage, both parties will likely be concerned about the complicated process of property division. As part of this process, they will also have to deal with the division of debts. Some New Jersey couples are able to sit down and negotiate disagreements. However, when all communications have broken down, a litigated divorce may be the only option. In that case, it will be up to the court to divide property and debts.

Different divorce options to suit different situations

With so many divorce options available, it is unfortunate that many couples nationwide, including in New Jersey, still choose not to try to resolve their relationship issues in amicable manners. Many contested divorces are painful and messy, and the subsequent emotional scars can last a lifetime. Furthermore, it can take months or even years to finalize a divorce, and it can cost substantial amounts of money.

Family law: Divorce mediation cost effective and confidential

Many New Jersey couples who are considering divorce may value their privacy along with their time and money. Mediation, an alternative family law dispute resolution, provides a platform from which divorcing spouses can work to resolving issues through communication  -- and compromise when necessary. With the right guidance, a mediated divorce may be finalized in a shorter time and at a lower cost than a litigated divorce. Moreover, the family's affairs will remain private.