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Will technology be a curse or blessing in your divorce?

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy ride. Many people in New Jersey who are going through a divorce rely heavily on the support of social media friends. Receiving encouraging messages from friends may be the support a person needs to get through this difficult time. However, technology can also be a curse -- particularly if it is used for revenge.

To prevent the curse of technology from reducing the blessing of it, boundaries can be set. When messages from an ex-spouse are filled with antagonism and nasty remarks, most believe it is best to resist the urge to retaliate -- a fight needs at least two participants. It may make sense to limit any response to the actual message or question posed, rather than responding in kind to the negativity. 

A divorce is typically considered to be a time to stay out of the limelight. Anything posted on social media can be misinterpreted and twisted to use against a person in the throes of a divorce. On the other hand, some parties have even been known to engage in cyberstalking.  It is only natural to want to know with whom an ex is spending time -- particularly if the children are with them. Unless the information sought is vital to the divorce case, this can only cause unnecessary additional hurt.

Anyone in New Jersey who is trying his or her best to cope with the emotions and stress of a divorce may benefit by limiting the use of social media. Putting his or her energy into re-establishing personal freedom and space may be more fruitful. With the support of an experienced divorce attorney, the process may be less stressful and even lead to an amicable settlement.

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