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May 2016 Archives

Divorce: Derek and Candace Fisher will destroy frozen embryos

Residents of New Jersey who follow the lives of celebrities will know that when high profile couples split it is not uncommon for intimate details about their lives to become public knowledge. This is once again the case in reports about the divorce of Derek Fisher, former basketball coach of the Knicks team, and his wife, Candace. The couple's divorce filing last March reportedly blindsided Candace.

Deciding to divorce or stay will never be easy

There have long been speculations about the reasons people in New Jersey and elsewhere have for ending their marriages. As part of the National Divorce Decision Making Project, 3,000 married individuals between the ages of 25 and 50 were surveyed to gain knowledge and possible understanding of the causes of divorce. Although the responses revealed multiple dynamic and complex factors that influenced people's decisions about divorce, four main factors made up the majority of responses.

Is a parenting marriage better than a divorce?

Since Gwyneth Paltrow announced the conscious uncoupling of her marriage with Chris Martin, divorcing couples have become much more aware of the need to go their separate ways in manners that would cause the minimum trauma for their children. Divorce through mediation or collaboration has become the choice of many couples in New Jersey. Divorce options that allow shared parenting have become a norm for modern parents in divorces.

Careful planning required in navigating a gray divorce

Countless New Jersey couples spend many years in marriages, building retirement plans that will allow comfortable lives after the ends of challenging careers. However, the number of older couples who decide to get divorced has grown significantly, and records indicate that approximately one-quarter of couples over the age of 50 file for divorce. Along with the emotional trauma typically associated with a divorce, the financial impact can be severe, even more so for older couples.

Child custody during summer months may need modification

For divorced parents in New Jersey, navigation of child custody during the summer months may be tricky. While abiding by the court-ordered child custody agreement at other times may not be a problem, for each parent to make the most of the time with his or her children at this time may require careful planning and communication -- and, sometimes, compromise. If a parent wants to deviate from the existing summer visitation orders, changes must be discussed timely.