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Money and time can be saved in a mediated divorce

Although it is easier said than done, better financial decisions are made if emotions are left out of the issue. It is not uncommon for hurt and anger to control a person's feelings in the time leading up to a divorce. However, many divorcing couples in New Jersey have found that pushing emotions aside and avoiding litigation have benefitted their post-divorce financial stability.

Rather than racking up legal fees with fighting and bickering through lawyers, some couples choose to utilize the services of a qualified divorce mediator. With the support of their respective legal representatives and the neutral platform offered by a mediator, divorcing spouses can negotiate amicable agreements related to all contentious issues. Any subject may be addressed, but those most commonly discussed in mediation include property division, child custody and visitation, alimony, retirement, and taxes.

Mediation allows couples to take charge of decisions that will affect their futures in a private manner rather than in public court. However, couples may choose to have any issues that remain unresolved decided by the court. They may then return to continue mediation with the aim to reach a final settlement that will be fair to all parties.

Choosing a mediated divorce makes financial and emotional sense and can protect the privacy and dignity of divorcing couples and leave them in control of their post-divorce lives. However, the circumstances of some New Jersey couples prevent them from communicating and compromising, leaving litigation as their only option. In such a case, retaining the services of an experienced divorce attorney can be of great benefit.

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