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The date of filing for divorce needs careful consideration

New Jersey individuals who are considering divorce will likely know how freely friends and family members part with advice -- even when it has no relevance to their particular circumstances. Listening to others about which strategies worked for some distant friend or cousin in a divorce may only confuse the divorcing individual and increase the emotional stress typically associated with this time. Another source of information that seldom has relevance is the media and its reports of celebrity divorces.

However, lessons are sometimes hidden in the details of celebrity divorces. For example, the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their divorce filing on the day following their 10th wedding anniversary may have formed part of the financial planning for their post-divorce lives. The length of a marriage can influence the court's decision related to awarding alimony and the amount of the award. This is one of the reasons for suggestions that one should not tackle a divorce without legal counsel.

For example, in New Jersey, five different types of alimony can be awarded. Depending on the unique circumstances of each divorce case, the court may award one of the alimony options or combinations of two or more types. Spousal support allows the lesser-earning spouse to maintain a similar lifestyle to that lived by the couple when they were married, or at least until such time as that spouse becomes self-supportive.

Being fully informed about the finer details of a divorce can help a divorcing New Jersey person to be in the best possible financial position after the conclusion of the divorce proceedings. An experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can assess the client's circumstances and counsel him or her about the most appropriate steps to take to obtain maximum advantage during divorce proceedings. A lawyer can also prepare the client for the legal proceedings that will follow and advocate on his or her behalf when necessary.

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