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Family law judge recommends divorce mediation

Couples in New Jersey whose relationships have deteriorated to a point where they cannot be in a room together will likely opt for divorce by litigation. In such a case, the court will decide on all issues such as property division, child custody and more. However, it is estimated that approximately 70 percent of divorcing couples are able to resolve contentious family law issues outside of court. This may be achieved on their own or with the guidance of a divorce mediator.

A family court judge in another state highly recommends this type of alternative dispute resolution. He says many couples arrive at court without legal counsel, wishing to handle their divorces by themselves without understanding the complicated legalities of a divorce process. He also says it is difficult for a judge to rule on family matters without having insight into the dynamics of the family. Moreover, many couples enjoy a sense of achievement if they realize that they had managed to work through their differences to come to mutual agreements that will affect them all in future.

Divorce mediation offers a platform for communication and compromise encouraged by an unbiased, qualified divorce mediator. Each party may be supported by his or her legal representative during mediation sessions. Not only can an attorney provide valuable input, but such a professional can also ensure that his or her client's rights are protected throughout the proceedings.

During mediation, agreements will be reached and recorded with an ultimate divorce settlement agreement in mind. A family law attorney can also make sure that the final agreement complies with New Jersey family law requirements. This is important because circumstances may change that may lead to future contention, in which case, the client would want the divorce agreement to hold up in court.

Source:, "Getting a divorce? Why one family court judge advocates mediation", Beverly Taylor, March 23, 2016

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