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Most family law issues can be resolved through mediation

Not all New Jersey divorces are contentious or acrimonious, and more and more couples aim to maintain an amicable post-divorce relationship -- especially when there are children involved. Divorce mediation provides divorcing couples with the opportunity to have control over decisions that are made on matters that will impact their lives after divorce. Trained mediators can even assist in resolving other family law issues, including those that may arise in the years following a divorce.

Some attorneys in New Jersey, such as attorney Steven R.Lane, Esq., are also trained as family law mediators. In mediation, their goals are to empower both parties to determine their futures through the negotiation of contentious issues. These may include property division, spousal and child support issues along with child custody, parenting plans and visitation agreements. Negotiations to ensure the financial stability of both parents and children may also be included.

Family mediation offers a platform for cooperation and compromise, rather than the adversarial atmosphere of litigation. Some believe that children adjust easier to their post-divorce situations and the new family dynamics if their parents are able to successfully negotiate a divorce agreement through mediation. Their abilities to eliminate hostile interactions may also serve parents well in future child-related issues.

In addition to equipping divorcing parties with negotiation skills, family law mediation is also less pricey than litigation, and information revealed in mediation will remain confidential. Successful mediation can avoid litigation, but if the parties fail to reach mutual agreements, the remaining issues will have to be resolved by a judge in court. The New Jersey attorneys at Lane and Lane LLC can provide answers to any questions individuals may have about mediated or litigated divorces, and will provide guidance and support throughout the proceedings, regardless of the method chosen.

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