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Be prepared if a divorce is on the calendar in 2016

In most cases, those who are considering divorce in New Jersey spend a lot of time considering the consequences of such decisions. Many find that the more they think about it, more excuses are made to avoid filing for divorce. However, continuing to live in unhappy circumstances is often unhealthy for the parties and any children who may be involved. Understandably, it is a major step to take. Nevertheless, once a divorce is finalized, those involved often regret having waited so long before taking action.

Under any circumstances, a New Jersey divorce requires preparation. To keep focused, it may help to write a list of goals and then prioritize them. Becoming aware of the state's divorce laws and the different available options makes good sense.

Getting a good grip on the family finances and preparing copies of all financial documents is an important part of the preparation process. Creating a budget with a single income in mind is helpful. Include routine expenses and expected future expenses, particularly with regard to any children involved. This is also a suitable time to rely upon a support system of family and friends.

An experienced New Jersey family law attorney can help with a professional support system. An appraiser, financial advisor, tax consultant and a divorce mediator may all be appropriate, depending upon the circumstances. Although mediated divorces are typically less expensive and time-consuming than litigated divorces, mediation is not suitable for all divorces. Whether a marriage is dissolved through litigation or mediation, a divorce attorney can provide guidance and support throughout the proceedings.

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