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December 2015 Archives

Are you ready for the financial consequences of a gray divorce?

A significant percentage of divorces across the country, including here in New Jersey, involves couples who are ending marriages that lasted more than 30 years. This new trend of gray divorces may cause anxiety for the spouses who relied on their partners to handle the family's finances. It can be challenging to suddenly have to deal with complicated issues such as stocks and bonds and even day-to-day finances after a divorce.

Litigated divorce battles not the only option to end marriages

Litigated divorces can be costly, and a New Jersey woman who was desperate to get out of an unhappy marriage agreed to terms that she would live to regret -- only because she could not finance a divorce trial. After 10 years of marriage, she wanted to leave her husband. As part of their divorce settlement in July 2014, she agreed to pay her former husband about $186 per week for the next six years. Apparently, he was not working at the time.

It may be difficult to escape circumstances of domestic violence

During December, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is observed internationally. New Jersey residents may be interested in the shocking statistics reported by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The Coalition says an average of 20 people nationwide suffer physical abuse by an intimate partner every minute. Fortunately, the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act provides protection for victims of such abuse.

Parenting time best determined by parents rather than judges

Judges in family courts are perfectly capable of drafting parenting plans, and they may do their best to protect the best interests of a child, but they will never be able to fully understand any particular child's needs. For this reason, many divorcing parents in New Jersey research alternative divorce methods. They may seek an option that will give them the power to make decisions about parenting time, child custody and other issues to meet the needs of the children and the parents.