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Fatherhood is forever and cannot be cancelled by a divorce

Some single dads in New Jersey find it difficult to play significant roles in their children's lives. Regardless of whether it is an unmarried father or a father who has recently gone through a divorce, there will be multiple challenges. In many instances, society seems to be unable to look beyond the financial aspect of whether a father is in compliance with child support obligations. Child support payments must never be minimized, but fatherhood extends way beyond dollars and cents, and although a dad can become an ex-spouse, he can never be an ex-father.

A dedicated single father can provide relational, emotional and social support to his children. Through regular interaction and the cultivation of a meaningful relationship with his children, a father can ensure he is the center of his children's universe. By always being available when needed, children may see past the idea of a part-time dad and regard the father as a full-time dad on whose support and guidance they can rely.

Because single fathers get to spend limited time with their children, the most must be made of the time they have. However, quality parenting need not be limited to the time the children are in the care of the father. Effective communication, commitment and excellent listening skills can bridge the gap of absence.

Unfortunately, the battle sometimes required for a New Jersey father to assert himself and ensure his commitment to maintaining a father-child relationship at all times and not only during visitation, may be overwhelming. It might involve making appearances in court to address issues deemed important to the welfare of the children, or it may involve compromising with an ex-spouse to reach agreements that will be in the best interests of the children. Single dads may find comfort in knowing that an experienced divorce and family law attorney can provide guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings required to affirm a father's parental rights.

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