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November 2015 Archives

Delaying divorce may not protect the interests of the children

The effects of a divorce on children have been the subject of many studies. Recent researchers have taken a different approach by asking the opinions of children. It is not uncommon for couples in New Jersey and other states to delay divorce action for reasons that often relate to their children. Some parents choose to wait until their children are older while others put it off until after the holidays.

Fatherhood is forever and cannot be cancelled by a divorce

Some single dads in New Jersey find it difficult to play significant roles in their children's lives. Regardless of whether it is an unmarried father or a father who has recently gone through a divorce, there will be multiple challenges. In many instances, society seems to be unable to look beyond the financial aspect of whether a father is in compliance with child support obligations. Child support payments must never be minimized, but fatherhood extends way beyond dollars and cents, and although a dad can become an ex-spouse, he can never be an ex-father.

Parenting time over the holidays may require flexibility

For divorced New Jersey parents, the holidays can present problems. Although a spouse becomes an ex-spouse after a divorce, he or she will never be an ex-parent. Court orders sometimes detail the holiday parenting time allocated to each parent, but some flexibility may be required. This is a time during which parents may want to put away their differences and focus on their children. The holidays are often as stressful for the children as they are for the parents.

Deciding what to do about the mortgage in divorce can be tricky

When New Jersey couples consider getting divorced, one of the many dilemmas they will likely face is a decision about the family home -- especially if the mortgage is shared. The options are selling the house and each spouse keeping his or her share of the equity in the divorce settlement or for one spouse to keep the house. However, a spouse who wants to keep the house will likely need to apply for a new mortgage in his or her name.

New Jersey widow describes 20 years of domestic violence

When economic times are tough, the stress in relationships can become a heavy burden. Domestic violence is often the result, and, while thousands of cases are reported in New Jersey, many thousands are suspected never to be reported by the victims. Those caught in active domestic violence cycles typically lose their senses of self-worth and reach stages at which they fail to trust their own judgment.