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October 2015 Archives

Divorce attorney consultation does not have to be intimidating

When a person considers getting divorced, there are typically a host of unknowns to be faced -- especially if he or she has not gone through a divorce before. Decisions must be made that will affect the rest of the lives of both spouses and their children. Regardless of whether you choose to proceed with litigation or mediation, an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney will be a valuable member of your support team.

Attention called to extent of domestic violence in New Jersey

October is domestic violence awareness month nationwide. A Morris County Freeholder Director recently called attention to the extent and seriousness of domestic violence in the lives of New Jersey residents. At a recent work session to confirm commitment in Morris County, a Jersey Battered Women's Service executive revealed some of the shocking statistics related to domestic violence.

Adoption: Court finds father was unsupportive during pregnancy

Unmarried New Jersey parents may have to navigate a road filled with stumbling blocks. It is not uncommon for a biological father to claim parental rights of a child born to a girlfriend. In some cases, this is perfectly understandable, and it may not be challenged by the mother. However, if the relationship was ended, the child may be given up for adoption, leaving the father to fight for his rights.

How far can prenatal chemical endangerment go in child custody?

A law that was intended to help stop a state's methamphetamine problem does not distinguish between a drug addict mother who puts her unborn child in grave danger and a mother who takes a single Valium to calm her nerves and sleep. Child custody issues are rarely cut and dry. New Jersey parents may be interested in a recent challenge a mother in another state faces in keeping custody of her children 

Doctor charged for domestic violence against girlfriend

It is hard to know what leads a seemingly normal and successful individual to violent actions, especially toward someone with whom he or she is in a relationship. New Jersey residents may be interested in a recent physical domestic violence situation that occurred between a doctor and his girlfriend while a child was present in the home. Unfortunately, this kind of situation can happen to anyone.