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College football player charged with domestic violence assault

A victim of domestic violence may not understand that the emotional or physical behavior one partner is demonstrating may be abusive. Though the conduct may be intimidating or controlling, the victim might still have feelings for his or her partner. A domestic violence complaint, whether in criminal court or through the family court system, could be detrimental for current or future career choices and livelihood. When a shining New Jersey Rutgers football star was charged with such allegations recently, issues with the entire team were revisited.

A woman filed a domestic violence-related assault charge against the man she had been dating. On a recent Saturday after Rutgers lost a football game, the player apparently picked the woman up and threw her onto the sidewalk. She suffered injuries on her hip, palms, elbow and the left side of her head. Authorities reported that the incident occurred outside of the football team's training facility.

The athlete was arrested, and his bail was set at $1,000. He has pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer was able to waive his first court appearance. The man is suspended from the football team indefinitely. This type of incident brings up the numerous other arrests among other Rutgers players including robbery, home burglary and rioting. 

Becoming a victim of domestic violence in New Jersey, or anywhere, can be a terrifying, isolating feeling. Victims often find it difficult to report such issues for a multitude of reasons. A victim may fear for his or her life, or fear for the livelihood of the abuser if the issue is reported. A family law attorney who is experienced in domestic violence issues can help protect and embolden the victim to stand up for all applicable legal rights.

Source:, "Rutgers Football Star Pleads Not Guilty To Domestic Violence Assault Charge", Sept. 16. 2015

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