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September 2015 Archives

Child support nonpayment, father owes over $100,000

The hope and expectation for New Jersey courts that have ordered a child support amount and for the parent who will be receiving child support payments is that the payments are made in full and on time. Unfortunately, it is all too common for nonpayment to occur. If for some reason the non-custodial parent has a change in situation, like severe illness, job change or loss, he or she may petition the court for a formal child support modification.

College football player charged with domestic violence assault

A victim of domestic violence may not understand that the emotional or physical behavior one partner is demonstrating may be abusive. Though the conduct may be intimidating or controlling, the victim might still have feelings for his or her partner. A domestic violence complaint, whether in criminal court or through the family court system, could be detrimental for current or future career choices and livelihood. When a shining New Jersey Rutgers football star was charged with such allegations recently, issues with the entire team were revisited.

Who gets frozen embryos after a divorce?

Couples face a multitude of challenges and issues when going through a divorce. There is a modern divorce issue that New Jersey couples may be interested in knowing more about. With the new technologies that are available to couples who may choose to freeze embryos comes new potential disputes if and when a couple decides to divorce.

Child custody battle turns into child abduction

The top priority of most parents is the safety and well-being of their child or children. One of a parent's worst fears is losing a child. In a recent situation in another state, though it could happen in New Jersey or anywhere, a child custody battle turned awry, and the children wound up missing.