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Victims in New Jersey watch new laws on domestic violence

Another state has found a way to gain money for domestic violence programs and New Jersey residents may be interested in how they did it. The negotiators for the House and Senate of another state agreed Tuesday to increase by $5 the cost of marriage licenses. They also ordered a $50 fine to be paid by offenders who are convicted under Joshua's Law, the new statute for domestic violence in that state.

The reason for the $50 that was added to any other fines or fees for someone convicted of domestic violence is to provide a way for offenders to help fund the education prevention programs. Some question whether it is right to make couples who are getting married help fund domestic violence programs. After all, domestic violence does not only occur between married couples.

Joshua's law is named for a boy whose father killed him. The incident happened in 2013 during a supervised visit at the YMCA. The law turned domestic violence into a specific and separate crime that is prosecuted separately from general assault statues in the state.

This law is similar to programs that are in New Jersey. The goal for most states is to protect the victims of domestic violence, and most states have programs in place but many of those programs need to be updated. New Jersey residents who are being abused may wish to speak to an attorney in family law who can help them find a safe way to remove themselves and others from the dangers that come with being a victim.

Source:, "Bill would increase funding for domestic violence programs", David Solomon, June 16, 2015

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