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New Jersey child custody battles seek equal parenting time

Some men in New Jersey and throughout the United States have begun to fight harder in courts regarding the time they will have with their children after a separation or a divorce. These men are fighting for equal rights in child custody for men as well as women. They want child custody laws to be more in the best interest of the child.

The men who are leading the way agree that not all parents deserve equal time with their children for different reasons. The point would include both fathers and mothers. However, barring any threat to a child's safety or well-being, both parents deserve to have equal time with their children.

One man was so dissatisfied by the results of his child custody hearing that he founded the his own non-profit organization to help parents who are seeking equal parenting rights after a divorce. Through this organization, parents can get help finding an attorney they can afford. The group also helps by supporting parents going through a custody battle and by educating them of their rights and their options.

The director of the Children Rights Council, a child advocacy agency, suggests that judges do not understand the consequences of removing one parent from a child's daily living. Furthermore, they do not grasp the extent that it affects all of society. This is why proponents of equal time say it is so important to make these changes now.

New Jersey attorneys can help parents to determine which scenario would be in the best interest of their child. Each parent's attorney can help to negotiate a reasonable child custody agreement that benefits both parents as well as the children. Parents would be best represented by each one having his or her own attorney.

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