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June 2015 Archives

New Jersey residents watch as DMX arrested for back child support

Rapper DMX, or Earl Simmons, was arrested in another state on Friday night. This time, the hardcore hip-hop star was arrested and brought before the judge following his failure to pay court-mandated child support outside of Radio City Music Hall just before he was to appear in a concert with The Lox and Shabba Ranks. Although the arrest took place in another state, New Jersey fans may be interested in the details surrounding this case.

New Jersey sweep brings arrests for child support warrants

A New Jersey man who apparently owed back child support has been arrested. At the time of his arrest, he is said to have owed in excess of $145,000 for overdue child support obligations. The 53-year-old man also had two other warrants at the time that he was apprehended and incarcerated.

Victims in New Jersey watch new laws on domestic violence

Another state has found a way to gain money for domestic violence programs and New Jersey residents may be interested in how they did it. The negotiators for the House and Senate of another state agreed Tuesday to increase by $5 the cost of marriage licenses. They also ordered a $50 fine to be paid by offenders who are convicted under Joshua's Law, the new statute for domestic violence in that state.

New Jersey child custody battles seek equal parenting time

Some men in New Jersey and throughout the United States have begun to fight harder in courts regarding the time they will have with their children after a separation or a divorce. These men are fighting for equal rights in child custody for men as well as women. They want child custody laws to be more in the best interest of the child.

Domestic violence laws changing in New Jersey

New Jersey is working toward legislation that would make it harder for those convicted of domestic violence to own firearms. The bill, known as A4218, will cover protecting these victims of domestic violence. Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords visited this state in March and advocated for the bill at that time.