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New Jersey serious about child support payments

New Jersey officials take nonpayment of child support very seriously and actively pursue those who fail to make timely payments to their child's other parent. Therefore, they seek out nonpayers and bring them into court to try to force them to follow the court's orders. Recently, detectives in New Jersey were patrolling and saw a man who they knew to be delinquent with his child support payments.

Upon seeing the detectives, the alleged nonpayer ran from police. He eventually gave up and turned himself over to the detectives. The 32-year-old man was arrested for a warrant for child support nonpayment and for a county drug court warrant. Also, because he ran when he saw the police approaching, the man was charged for resisting arrest.

The 32-year-old man is allegedly more than $17,000 in arrears for child support payments. There is no mention as to whether the man's circumstances may have changed creating a situation where he is now unable to pay what the courts had previously ordered. However, he will have to appear in court to find a resolution now, no matter what his circumstances are.

Residents in New Jersey who must pay child support sometimes find that a job loss or job change, costly medical bills, and other financial obligations can create a situation where he or she may need to revisit the amount of child support he or she must pay. However, there are also times when a person who owes child support can pay and simply chooses not to, which leaves the child's caregiver in a financial bind. If either of these cases is true for a person, he or she may wish to speak with an attorney who can help decide what should be paid each month and the best way to make that payment happen on a regular basis.

Source:, "Man arrested on $17K child support warrant, sheriff says", Noah Cohen, May 12, 2015

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