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Domestic violence affects all levels of society, including celebs

Famous men who allegedly commit acts of violence against their domestic partners may be surprising to many of our New Jersey readers. A recent article focused on a number of male celebrities who have been accused of domestic violence in the past few decades. These men may or may not have been guilty of the accusations, but the mere claim against them could change how the public views them. 

First and foremost on the minds of many people is pro boxer Floyd Mayweather. He has been accused of committing several acts of domestic violence against women. Also, Sean Penn was accused of committing acts of violence against his then wife Madonna in 1988. Steven Seagal's ex-wife claims that he abused her throughout their marriage, and he has apparently been sued for sexually assaulting and harassing women on his sets.

In 1994 and 1998, Tommy Lee was arrested for domestic violence against his then-wife Pamela Anderson. Charlie Sheen, in 2009, supposedly choked his wife and has been the subject of other allegations for decades. In 2010, Mel Gibson was accused of battering his then-girlfriend. Nicholas Cage was arrested in 2011 for domestic violence after allegedly pushing his wife in public. Also, Columbus Short was charged in 2014 with attacking his wife in view of his children.

Understandably, domestic violence can result in devastating injuries. Similarly, a false accusation can be just as devastating. Anyone facing these important issues in New Jersey will likely benefit from seeking the advice of a family law attorney experienced in handling these types of proceedings. 

Source:, "7 Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence & The Culture Of Complicity We've Already Accepted", Anjali Patel, May 2, 2015

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