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May 2015 Archives

Domestic violence victims in New Jersey watch McDonald's new case

Ray McDonald has been released from the Chicago Bears after another domestic violence charge. The release happened just 62 days after McDonald signed with the Bears. Although this act of domestic violence did not happen in New Jersey, the state's residents who are fans of the NFL may be interested in the outcome.

New Jersey residents may seek back child support

New Jersey residents may be interested to know that one of the biggest stars who ever worked as a Harlem Globetrotter is being sued by his ex-wife and son. The suit says that Meadowlark Lemon owes his ex-wife $250,000 in back child support. Lemon and his ex-wife divorced in 1977 after 22 years of marriage.

New Jersey serious about child support payments

New Jersey officials take nonpayment of child support very seriously and actively pursue those who fail to make timely payments to their child's other parent. Therefore, they seek out nonpayers and bring them into court to try to force them to follow the court's orders. Recently, detectives in New Jersey were patrolling and saw a man who they knew to be delinquent with his child support payments.

Domestic violence affects all levels of society, including celebs

Famous men who allegedly commit acts of violence against their domestic partners may be surprising to many of our New Jersey readers. A recent article focused on a number of male celebrities who have been accused of domestic violence in the past few decades. These men may or may not have been guilty of the accusations, but the mere claim against them could change how the public views them.