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April 2015 Archives

Child custody in New Jersey complicated by another country

New Jersey courts sometimes must jail a parent during a custody hearing for failure to comply with court orders. More than eight years ago, this happened to a woman who was originally from another country but had been residing here in this state. The child custody hearing was going in favor of the father getting custody of their daughter so the mother took matters into her own hands.

Domestic violence negates New Jersey mediation requirement

A recent New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division case provides an example of when the state's requirement for mediation can be overruled. This can happen if one party is found to be a victim of domestic violence brought on by the other party of the divorce, and a restraining order is issued. The recent ruling was the result of a case in which a man and woman were divorced and shared one child.

New Jersey child support can be tricky after 18 years of age

Some New Jersey readers may not understand all of the obligations of court ordered child support payments. Recently, a young woman who thought that she would benefit from support payments until she turned 23 found out the hard way that was not the case. The reason the existing child support order and college financial support was vacated was because the woman was found to have been emancipated.

Custodial issues in New Jersey could get better

New Jersey parents who are considering divorce may be interested to know that there are some states that are revising the old adage that the mother is always the best caregiver. Custodial issues are an emotional topic and each parent often feels that he or she is the better caregiver. Traditionally, one parent has been given legal custody of the children while the other parent pays child support and sees his or her children only on weekends.