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Children's schools should be given child custody documentation

Divorced parents often do not agree with custody arrangements issued by the courts. However, when a New Jersey court issues a decision on a custody agreement, all parties must abide by that agreement in all areas of the child's life. For example, child custody orders should be given to a child's school so that the administration can ensure that a child is only released to authorized individuals.

There are many times when a non-custodial parent will insist on picking a child up from school when he or she is not allowed to do so per the court order. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to inform the school of any court order regarding the custody of the child. This is to protect the child, the custodial parent and the school.

When a parent enrolls a child in school, that parent controls who is put on an emergency contact list. There are times when the custodial parent will add a significant other to the list of individuals who are authorized to pick the child up from school. If the non-custodial parent disagrees with this authorization, his or her only option is to have the court make a decision and ensure that the custodial parent lets the school know of that decision.

Child custody cases in New Jersey can be wrought with strong emotions as the subject is the welfare of a child. Attorneys who practice family law can assist parents with seeking modifications to child custody agreements. These attorneys can guide parents through the modification process and ensure that all important topics have been addressed.

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