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New Jersey families may solve child support issues with app

When a couple separates and a child support order is issued, that order isn't necessarily going to meet the needs of that family forever. There are times when added expenses crop up, and one parent may need to ask the other to chip in so as to meet those unexpected or extra costs. This can become confusing, stressful and lead to conflict for New Jersey families navigating the world of co-parenting and child support. Luckily, technology has found a way to make this process simpler and less contentious.

Going back to court every time someone needs an unanticipated doctor's fee paid isn't practical. However, tracking these expenses with the help of newly developed apps may be one way to keep the process fair and somewhat simple. Some apps used for exchanging information and tracking expenses are free, while others require a small fee from both parents. A family court can now order use of an app or program to keep the child support issue fair.

One app is called Our Family Wizard and has a yearly fee. This program is growing in use, and courts are able to order its use by individual families. Other programs available are SupportPay and Divorce Log. These programs allow both parents to see expenses and receipts, and an email can tell one parent what he or she owes rather than having the parents communicate directly with each other.

While an app or program may help New Jersey families deal with some child support issues or conflicts, there may be times when more help is needed. If one parent feels that child support payments or added expenses are unfair, even though they have all the pertinent information and tracking of expenses necessary, that parent may have to take further action. It may be preferable when parents can deal with issues directly or through use of an app, but some conflicts may require court intervention and even a formal request for a child support modification.

Source: The Huffington Post, "These Apps Could Help You And Your Ex Avoid Child Support Fights", Beth Pinsker, Feb. 3, 2015

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