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New Jersey child support nonpayment lands Rich Dollaz in jail

Child support nonpayment is a serious problem for custodial parents all across America. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to only the poorer section of society, but it is also a problem with which the more affluent must contend. In one New Jersey case, a TV star has been arrested for child support nonpayment for his two children.

Child support mistakes New Jersey families can avoid

New Jersey parents may think that if they both agree to a child support arrangement, they do not need to seek legal action or a modification through the courts. However, the state is not obligated to honor any child support agreement negotiated between the parties without it being approved by the court. Not only will the parent receiving the support not be protected, but neither will the parent making payments.

New Jersey families may solve child support issues with app

When a couple separates and a child support order is issued, that order isn't necessarily going to meet the needs of that family forever. There are times when added expenses crop up, and one parent may need to ask the other to chip in so as to meet those unexpected or extra costs. This can become confusing, stressful and lead to conflict for New Jersey families navigating the world of co-parenting and child support. Luckily, technology has found a way to make this process simpler and less contentious.

Failure to pay child support could land man in jail

When child support is ordered, a parent may face serious consequences if that order is not honored. However, a parent may have good cause to pursue halting payments or for seeking a modification to the ordered child support payment. New Jersey fathers may be interested in the case of a man who could be facing jail time as he owes more than $30,000 in child support.