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December 2014 Archives

New Jersey child custody issues may need legal intervention

During a divorce or other separation between parents, there are many factors that need to be determined involving the children. People may assume the first and foremost issue at hand is where the child or children will live. While this is an essential issue that can be extremely stressful and emotional to deal with, child custody issues go far deeper than just deciding where a child will rest his or her head. A skilled and experienced New Jersey family law attorney can explore your unique child custody situation, explain the various issues that need to be resolved and help alleviate any confusion or anxiety.

Child support fraud could lead to prison time

Child support is ordered as a means of ensuring that a parent lives up to the responsibility of being a parent and that a child is taken care of by that parent. When the family courts in New Jersey order a certain amount of support for a particular period of time, that order serves to protect both parents from any misunderstandings or claims of fraud. However, if a parent agrees to pay a certain amount rather than work through the courts, there may be no protection from fraudulent situations. A recent case in the news highlights the importance of having legal support and family court orders in place when dealing with child support issues.

Child support case results in jail for immigrant

Child support orders are to be followed according to law, or there may be serious consequences for parents. If a parent fails to pay child support or does not comply with any order regarding the care or visitation of children, that parent may face contempt charges. In New Jersey and elsewhere, contempt can lead to jail time, and that time can last until the support is paid or other restitution is made. One child support case making news gets complicated, as the paying parent is an immigrant who says he was not in the country when an order was served.

Divorce may impact family privacy levels

An impending divorce may take a toll on every family member, even when the split is amicable and is a mutual decision. Divorce may lead each party to seek out the advice or guidance of trusted professionals and family members. However, divorce may also encroach on a family's privacy level. Any New Jersey family or couple who is concerned with privacy pertaining to divorce proceedings may want to become familiar with how a case may go forward and what information may be included as part of public record.

Divorce during holidays can impact parents and kids

It is already a known fact that children and parents deal with an impending divorce differently. No two families are the exact same, yet most struggle with how to balance the holiday season during or after a divorce as they work toward drafting a parenting plan that includes holiday schedules. Below are some tips for New Jersey families on how to make the holiday season run more smoothly during or after a divorce.