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New Jersey child custody can be about more than who lives where

When parents split up and sit down to decide the details of a parenting plan, they may find that there is a lot more to child custody decisions than where a child or children will sleep at night. Child custody issues for New Jersey families can encompass a wide range of problems and decisions that couples may not even consider until they are well into the process. Even after the process is over, a child custody agreement may still need to be revisited as needs change.

Deciding on primary custody and where a child will sleep most of the time is important. However, when special events or holidays come around, plans may need to be altered, and agreements need to be reached ahead of time. Vacations also may need special consideration, as all vacations may not occur exactly when a parent is supposed to have the child.

Aside from the physical whereabouts of a child, a child custody agreement needs to address other areas of parenting and the needs of the child. Medical care and records, including what doctor a child may see, can all be part of a parenting plan. Decisions and details about school records and dealings with teachers will also need to be ironed out between all parties involved.

A parenting agreement concerning all child custody issues can be referred to any time there is confusion or the need to change plans. As a child grows or as schedules change for parents, a modification of that agreement may be necessary. Our firm's website can provide further information about child custody issues that may be faced by New Jersey families.

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