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Man faces felony charges after avoidance of child support

Whenever an unmarried couple has a child or a couple decides to split after the birth of a child and the courts determine a set amount for child support, not paying that amount can lead to serious legal consequences. Yet, there are certain circumstances that can validate reasons a person may say they are unable to pay that child support obligation. Anyone in New Jersey who is behind in support or struggling to get back child support payments may be interested in the story of one man and his reasoning for not paying back due support.

The man, who is involved in the music industry, made news for reportedly telling a news outlet that he isn't responsible for payments to a baby daughter because he was in an accident and died as a result. The man has since proclaimed he is disabled and unable to pay the $100 a month he was ordered to pay. The proclamation that he died incited scorn and mocking from others in the industry.

According to reports, the man has three children with three different women and has only been taken to court for no-payment regarding one child despite not paying support for two of the children. The man allegedly lives an openly lavish lifestyle despite proclaiming he can't make the payments and is actively pursuing a way to not have to make the payments at all. Felony charges have been filed in relation to the case, and he could face more than seven years in prison if convicted.

When someone is unable to pay child support, there are consequences. Those consequences can impact that person's ability to take out a loan, such was the case when this individual tried to purchase a car. Despite the reasons this man is said to have publicly proclaimed for not being able to pay, there are reasons that the New Jersey courts consider valid and will work with parents to deal with those situations if they file a petition for modification. A formal petition for modification based upon a substantial change in circumstances may lead to a temporary stop or reduction in payments, particularly if a parent loses a job through no fault of his or her own or suffers an illness or injury that significantly impacts the ability to earn an income.  

Source:, "Deadbeat dad who died to get out of paying child support now claims he's permanently disabled", Meghan Dwyer, Nov. 23, 2014

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