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Holidays can present parenting time issues for families

When parents get divorced and agree to a parenting plan, the basic ideas about who gets the kids when are generally outlined and agreed upon. However, the upcoming holidays can throw a wrench in any parent's parenting time and schedule. While it can be difficult to work out the details, New Jersey parents can utilize a few tips to make the issue of parenting time a non-issue during the holidays.

One way to ensure that the parenting plan is upheld and all are in agreement is to keep the lines of communication open. Spending a few minutes well in advance can keep transitions smoother. One idea is to email or have a conversation to ensure that the children aren't "double booked" for holiday dinners or celebrations.

Another tip is to share those plans with extended family members to avoid conflict or misunderstandings if they are unaware of where the children may be during a given celebration. One idea that can help families help children make the most of the holiday season is for divorced parents to celebrate together. Planning ahead for the next year can never be done too early either.

Parenting plans and parenting time disagreements can be challenging for New Jersey parents. As children get older, their needs during the holidays may evolve also. Open and effective communication between parents may work best. However, when that isn't an option or doesn't yield the wanted results, a parent can seek legal help to seek a modification and devise a better plan and make necessary provisions to suit everyone involved.

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