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Man tries to rectify child support issues for child who isn't his

The issue of child support can be complicated and stressful for parents as they try to keep up with payments and try to understand changing laws. When a person is facing consequences for not paying child support, those consequences can affect all aspects of their life. Anyone in New Jersey who is in the midst of a child support case or paternity case may find a recent situation in the news interesting. It entails the struggle of a man who was ordered to pay child support for a child who was not his.

Courts in the man's home state ordered the man to pay tens of thousands in payments or face jail time. However, the man and the child's mother both contend he is not the father of the child. Back in the 1980s, a summons informing the man of the paternity suit was sent to his father's house and that summons was returned to the court with the designation that the man refused to sign it. The man in question was in prison at the time and apparently had no idea about any legal summons.

The man says his formal education was limited, and he didn't understand what to do when he was finally made aware there was a court order for him to pay for a child he didn't father. The mother said she was told to claim a father for the child in order to receive benefits, and she reportedly put the man's name down even though she knew he wasn't the father. She asked the court to forgive the child support debt as he should not be penalized at all.

The court has finally forgiven the back due child support. However, the state still says the man owes $30,000 to the state, although it is not clear as to what constitutes that debt specifically (it may be that the mother received public services -- such as welfare -- during the time that child support payments were ordered). The man continues to fight to have that portion of the debt owed forgiven. In New Jersey and elsewhere, child support debt can be difficult to fight and resolve. For anyone who lacks an understanding of the legal paperwork and how the court system works, having a skilled and experienced legal professional explain the situation and represent their interests may be beneficial.

Source:, "Detroit man fights $30k child support bill for kid that is not his", Kim Russell, Oct. 24, 2014

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