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October 2014 Archives

Man tries to rectify child support issues for child who isn't his

The issue of child support can be complicated and stressful for parents as they try to keep up with payments and try to understand changing laws. When a person is facing consequences for not paying child support, those consequences can affect all aspects of their life. Anyone in New Jersey who is in the midst of a child support case or paternity case may find a recent situation in the news interesting. It entails the struggle of a man who was ordered to pay child support for a child who was not his.

How child custody can truly benefit the child

Filing for divorce may come with additional hurdles for couples who have children. In some cases, divorces where child custody must be determined can result in high-stress situations and more contentious divorce procedures. One thing that New Jersey parents may want to consider as they proceed with divorce is the emotional need that their children have to connect with both of their parents.

Certain steps taken by New Jersey residents could help in divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for those involved, as the many changes that come with divorce can be a difficult adjustment. If not handled properly, divorce can can wreak havoc on emotions and that, in turn, can result in financial mistakes. However, if New Jersey residents follow a few simple steps, their divorce could be accomplished with a minimum of stress and in a manner that results in a comprehensive and fair settlement.

Do New Jersey individuals in a divorce need a financial adviser?

Those going through a divorce can often feel serious financial struggle during the process as they make the various changes that come with divorce. The sometimes drastic changes that are a result of suddenly living on one person's income instead of two can be difficult to cope with emotionally and financially; however, there are individuals who may be able to help. New Jersey individuals going through a divorce may want to consider a financial adviser for the time during and after their divorce.

New Jersey divorce could be easier for civil couples

Divorce can be an extremely difficult process for those involved; however, if the individuals separating are able to act civil during the process, it could alleviate some of the stress and therefore lessen the pain. Unfortunately, many couples are unable to act civilly during the legal proceedings, and therefore their divorce may take longer than necessary. However, if New Jersey individuals keep certain ideas in mind when going through their divorce, it could help shorten the process altogether.