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September 2014 Archives

Division of art could be complicated in New Jersey divorce

Divorce can be extremely difficult for those involved, as massive changes are made to couples' current lives. For many individuals, these changes include the division of their property and other assets. This can be a stressful process for many, but if artwork is involved, the amount of stress and tension can be magnified. Although many New Jersey residents do not have many works of art that need to be divided in their divorce, the division of these assets can be difficult for those who do.

Financial documents could help in divorce in New Jersey

Divorce is often a long and difficult process for those involved, and it can cause both emotional and financial strain for the participants. However, there are certain steps that an individual could take before the divorce begins to help ensure an easier process that is quicker as well. While these steps may not always help New Jersey residents, some individuals may be able to speed up their divorce by being prepared for what is to come.

New Jersey residents may need to plan for their divorce

Divorce is not always an easy process for those involved, and it can often hurt the individual both emotionally and financially. The amount of emotional pain varies with every situation, but the financial strain that is caused can often be easily diminished if certain steps are taken before and during the process. Hopefully, many New Jersey individuals who are undergoing a divorce will be able to diminish the financial pain caused.

Divorce could impact New Jersey children during school

Divorce can be extremely difficult for the children involved, as there are numerous changes that must occur because of the separation. The amount of stress put on a child with divorcing parents can increase greatly once they go back to school, as they have the stress of their new home life combined with the workload of school. Parents can work together by hammering out the details of a co-parenting plan if the divorce is amicable; otherwise, they may need to have a family law judge intervene.