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Divorce app could help numerous New Jersey couples separate

Divorce is not always an easy process for those impacted, and those involved are often left with emotional pain from the process. However, oftentimes the majority of the emotional pain is caused by the face-to-face meetings and the stress from all of the papers that must be filled out and filed. One brand new app aims to diminish the amount of pain caused by the divorce by putting most of the paperwork for the divorce online. Hopefully, this app will become popular enough to help New Jersey residents diminish some of their concerns when going through a divorce.

The app has not been launched yet, as the company is still attempting to raise $1.3 million in funding. However, the app has already raised $1.7 million, and considering almost half of current marriages end in divorce, the funding has the ability to be put to good use. If the app were to be funded, it has the possibility of helping thousands of couples.

The app not only focuses on simplifying the divorce process, but keeping families as unified as possible. The company is focused on allowing couples to be as civil as possible in person since most of the divorce process will take place online. This could diminish the number of face-to-face meetings during the divorce and therefore diminish the animosity as well.

Although this app seems to have a long road ahead before its launching, its success has the possibility of helping couples in New Jersey and throughout the country. The fact that most of the documents will be online could reduce the amount of personal meetings and diminish the chance of hurtful words being exchanged during the divorce process. This could allow many couples to focus on finishing the process and becoming acclimated to their new lives.

Source: Salon, "There's now an app to help couples get divorced", Jenny Kutner, Aug. 1, 2014

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