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Alimony could be reformed for New Jersey divorce

Divorce can often be a long and difficult road for those involved, but if an individual finds an aspect of the divorce unfair, it can create even more problems. However, if the actual state regulation or law regarding a certain topic is found unfair, it can create further problems and controversy for those going through a divorce in that state. Some in New Jersey are now attempting to change the state's regulations and laws regarding the payment of alimony.

Many have questioned the system that New Jersey has in place, considering that the current system was put in place years ago and society has changed drastically since then. The initial idea behind alimony was that, since mothers were not as advanced in a career as they could be because they stayed home with the children, they would receive compensation to help support them when they were on their own. However, many individuals argue that times have changed, and now many women have outstanding careers.

The main argument is not to do away with alimony, but to end permanent alimony. The current bill that is being considered by the governor would not allow alimony payments to exceed the number of years of marriage if the marriage did not last 20 years. The bill would also allow payments to be reduced if the individual paying alimony were to lose their job.

Hopefully, the new bill will end the major fights surrounding alimony and simplify certain aspects of divorce for future divorcees. This could shorten the time it takes to finish the divorce, and ease the emotional pain caused by the separation. In the meantime, however, couples will find their cases being decided according to the current laws as they seek a fair resolution for their future well-being.

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