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New Jersey couples may want a financial advisor in divorce

Divorce can be an extremely difficult process for the parties involved, and if the right steps are not taken, it can leave the individuals hurt both emotionally and financially. However, if certain steps are taken by the parties involved in the divorce, there is potential for the pain caused to be lessened slightly. One option that New Jersey individuals may want to think about is a financial advisor.

Collaborative divorce can be a good fit for business owners

When a marriage ends, the resulting property division process can be devastating to one’s personal finances. When a couple owns a business, the result can be the destruction of that entity, which is a negative result for all involved. For those in New Jersey who share the goal of preserving their business, a collaborative divorce may offer a good solution.

Divorce app could help numerous New Jersey couples separate

Divorce is not always an easy process for those impacted, and those involved are often left with emotional pain from the process. However, oftentimes the majority of the emotional pain is caused by the face-to-face meetings and the stress from all of the papers that must be filled out and filed. One brand new app aims to diminish the amount of pain caused by the divorce by putting most of the paperwork for the divorce online. Hopefully, this app will become popular enough to help New Jersey residents diminish some of their concerns when going through a divorce.

Alimony could be reformed for New Jersey divorce

Divorce can often be a long and difficult road for those involved, but if an individual finds an aspect of the divorce unfair, it can create even more problems. However, if the actual state regulation or law regarding a certain topic is found unfair, it can create further problems and controversy for those going through a divorce in that state. Some in New Jersey are now attempting to change the state's regulations and laws regarding the payment of alimony.