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New Jersey parents may need to take precautions in divorce

Divorce can often be difficult for the two individuals who are separating, but if children are involved, the separation can be even harder on them than the adults. The various changes that occur when a divorce is finalized can leave the children with a large amount of emotional pain that can even impact their daily lives. However, if New Jersey parents who are going through a divorce take certain steps, the process could be much easier on the children.

The first thing that parents should remember is that the children should not be made to take sides or be put in the middle of the separation. Children should not be the parents’ therapist during the process. If a parent needs to talk, there are countless people to turn to other than the children.

This, along with the drastic changes that often take place, can be devastating on a child emotionally. Changes should be kept as small as possible, as more changes can be even harder on the children. Routines and traditions should stay in place if possible, as more change in a child's life is the last thing he or she may need.

Divorce is often emotionally trying on all the individuals involved, but it can be detrimental to a child if it is not handled properly. Hopefully, New Jersey parents will be able to take the right steps to ensure that the divorce is as easy as possible and that only a few changes are made in the lives of the children. This could not only help the children but the parents as well.

Source: Post-Tribune, "Wallace: Tips for divorced parents", Dr. Robert Wallace, July 12, 2014

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